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The company

The company picodent®, which consists of 40 employees, is situated in Wipperfürth. Brilliant - innovative and competitive - that's picodent®. Craftsmanship, great accuracy, top quality materials and the consequential time saving aspect are our primary objectives for good business relations. "pico", which means mountain peak, is a term with which we identify ourselves. We relate images of mountain landscapes with reliability, trust and assurance. The name and the picture image, together with our services, are the foundations for our company philosophy.

Our philosophy stands for top quality through own production, team spirit through personal responsibility, assurance through controlled procedures and innovation through future-oriented concepts. These guidelines have existed from the very beginning, however with bright ideas, the new concept and visual presentation we intend to strengthen and sustain this image for the long-term.

picodent®'s strengths

The main focus of our work lies on the one hand in sales, approximately half of our staff belong to our sales force and distribution, and on the other hand in the production of materials. picodent® offers high quality dental arch, base and articulation plaster, gypsum bonded and phosphate silicate bonded investment materials as well as accessories surrounding the art of model casting.

Perfection through support and training

In order to achieve optimal prosthetic precision and avoid customer complaints, it is essential to produce exact models. picodent® is yout partner for model production materials!

We offer courses in casting the perfect model. The cast model is the laboratory's business card.

High quality production

The dental trade is known for its dynamic developments. In order to maintain our high level of quality at picodent®, we manufacture our products in-house ourselves. In addition to this we also work together with various independent testing labs who assess and check our quality standards.

Future-oriented procedures

It remains our goal in the future to continue to set distinct benchmarks in research and development. We aim to produce high quality products to make your daily routine easier and keep you up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology - for your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers. You can rely on picodent® in every sense - we stand by this with our name.

Behind picodent® is a dedicated team of employees, who enjoy their work.

People, who are considerate of patients, dentists and laboratory owners. If you would like to know more about our products, please call us.

Our picodent® team will be happy to help you.
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